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No Set-Up Fees or Printing Minimums
for you custom apparel.

Typically apparel printers require customers to order at least a dozen items. In particular screen printers create new physical screens for each custom design or image, making minimum orders and set-up fees mandatory to off-set their printing cost. This can be surprisingly expensive, and a bit of a shock.

Not at Jute & Flax! Our custom printing utilizes a technique called digital printing. There are no physically constructed items needed, such as new screens for screen printing, so there are no additional cost for all of your designs. There's no limitation on the number of colors, so print 200 items, or print two, Jute & Flax will always come through with an affordable and accessible price, no bulk ordering needed on apparel.

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Jute & Flax Sweatshirt on a Hanger


Sublimation printing uses heat to bring ink and product together, and works best on light colored products. Your design is first printed using sublimation ink on specialty paper. The sublimation inks that are used turn into gas when they are met with heat. This permanent melding of product and ink means that your full color image has less of a chance of fading, peeling, and chipping we see in other printing methods. Sublimation printing is growing rapidly and is a preferred method at Jute & Flax. Ask us about custom sublimation sheets, so you can DIY.


Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing allows Jute & Flax to print your design on a specialty film and transfer it directly to your chosen surface. In the process white ink forms the foundation of your image, while colored pigment prints your actual design. The film is powder coated, cured, and heat transferred to your items. This is a method used for intricate design work, that can be printed on any color. Ask us about custom DTF sheets, so you can DIY.

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Jute & Flax Sweatshirt Tumblers

Digital Heat Transfer Vinyl

Digital heat transfer vinyl (HTV) printing takes your full color digital image and applies it to vinyl, which is then heat pressed onto fabric. This method works best for your simpler designs, and can also be used on any color fabric. Ask us about custom Digital HTV sheets, so you can DIY.

Design Services

Need help bringing your idea to life? Jute & Flax can help. We have extensive knowledge of designing programs and will help you create the best imaging for your printing projects. We can assist you in creating your branding; from the logo, to letter heads, invoices, business cards, flyers, posters, swag etc. Or we can help with choosing the best photo to be printed on your t-shirt and mugs. We can also help you with font options, layout, and design. Have questions, please feel free to reach out.

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We'll help you build your brand. Here’s how it works: Your customer places an order with you, (the retailer). You alert Jute & Flax, your drop-shipping partner, we package and ship your products to your customers. Jute & Flax charges you (the retailer) for the service, and you charge your customers the pricing you set. Create your design, decide on your products, send us your customers orders, and we'll ship directly to them. No need for you to buy in bulk, or track inventory, you only pay for what is ordered.